Data Everyone Can Use

Or at least data everyone should use. For example, President Bush proposed a $2.9 trillion budget for FY08. Did you know that if you spent $1 of that budget each day, the Sun would run out of fuel and die an inglorious death before you ran out of money? True! What other interesting facts are in store for you? Read on and see.

What is the Inflation Rate, and How is it Measured?   (accompanying spreadsheet: inflation.xls)

Population   (accompanying spreadsheet: population.xls)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)    (accompanying spreadsheet: GDP.xls)

Coming Soon (I hope) :

The National Debt

The Size of Government

Mortality Rates

And more interesting topics...

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Other Interesting Sites : - An incredible presentation of data from the UN Development Program.

The World Clock - Based on statistical projections, a real-time count of what is happing in the world right now.