The History of Microlithography

A history of microlithography is yet to be written. I am collecting some data for such an effort, and am anxious for help by people with personal experience.

Here is a presentation (PDF) outlining milestones in the development of photolithography tools, organized by company. It's actually more of a tool company history. (Updated on 8-29-2011)
Milestones in Optical Lithography Tool Suppliers

Atsuhiko Kato has developed a great timeline of lithography tool developments as well:
Kato's Timeline of Lithography Tool Development

Here are some good published papers on the topic of semiconductor lithography history (available in PDF format by clicking on the titles):

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  6. M. L. Schattendburg, "History of the “Three Beams” Conference, the Birth of the Information Age
    and the Era of Lithography Wars
    ", self published.

(Thanks to SPIE, Grant Willson, John Bruning, Mark Schattenburg, and Tomoyuki Matsuyama for allowing me to post these papers here.)


Some essay's I've written on lithography related to history and trends: Essays


Other Resources:

The Chip History Center

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If you have any anecdotes or histories of lithography development in the semiconductor industry that you'd like to share, please email me at