Training products and services in the field of semiconductor lithography


The Problem...

The rapid pace of change in the semiconductor industry means that knowledge has become a critical process parameter. Yesterday's information may not be adequate to solve today's problems. This is why training has become an increasingly important part of every semiconductor manufacturer's strategy. The need for high quality training is especially true for lithography.

The Solution...

On-site courses taught at customer locations around the world by one of the world's leading experts in lithography. These courses are supported by the textbook Fundamental Principles in Optical Lithography.

Chris Mack teaching in GrenobleCourses Offered...

Introduction to Optical Lithography
Optical Lithography: Art or Science?
Lithographic Optimization: A Theoretical Approach
Resolution Enhancement Technologies
Custom designed training


Special Note for University Professors: If you are interested in developing a graduate-level or upper-level undergraduate course in semiconductor lithography, I'd be happy to help. Click here for a syllabus for my University of Texas at Austin course, and feel free to contact me for more information.

My YouTube Channel: I have video lectures posted on YouTube, available for viewing at any time.

Online Courses: I have been teaching a variety of courses at the University of Texas at Austin starting in 1991. I am in the process of putting some of these course on-line, freely accessible to all. Here is the link:

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