100W by the End of the Year

For those of you who, like me, are gearing up for the craziness of the SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium next week in San Jose, here is a little warm-up to get us all in an appropriate mood.

And what mood might that be? Why, skepticism, of course. Alas, despite being a technical conference populated with rigorous scientists and engineers, not everything that will be said should be taken at face value.

For example, when a maker of EUV lithography light sources gets up and promises to deliver a 100W source by the end of the year, I suggest that healthy skepticism is in order. We’ve heard that prediction so often that it is bound to come true eventually. Who knows, maybe this year will be the year…

So, to get us ready for the buzz, the hype, the rumors, the hints, the misleading statements, and the downright lies that surround an SPIE talk when a huge amount of money is on the line, I’ve compiled a brief Powerpoint slide show detailing the long history of a promise: 100W by the end of the year.

Enjoy: http://www.lithoguru.com/scientist/essays/100WbytheEndoftheYear.ppsx

3 thoughts on “100W by the End of the Year”

  1. There must have been a button on the web site labeled “Send a copy to Moshe” because 5 people have already sent me copies of the presentation. Very nicely done through 2013. It will be interesting to see what additions get made next week.

    1. Moshe, people just like you !

      Chris Mack is just presenting a healthy level of “wanting to see the data”. Currently “80W” is achieved in the field and I expect some/most/all of the NXE3300 users to confirm this at SPIE. This is significant progress over the last year. It did require some serious upgrades. 100W is actually low compared to the next planned step to 125W as the next milestone…

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