God is Liquid

My neighbors have been remodeling their house for what seems like forever.  For the last year or so I have noticed the same truck parked in front – a red lowrider with a Virgin Mary statue on the dash, a cross hanging from the rearview mirror, and number of inspirational messages printed on cards stuck in the front of the windshield.  Walking past the other day I noticed a large one, printed in Gothic script.

Christ is the Solid

Rather than consider the possibility of a poor translation from a Spanish phrase, I started taking the message seriously.  Suppose Christ is the solid.  What about the other states of matter?  Of course, the Holy Ghost must be a gas.  Surely, plasma (fire) is Satan.  That leaves one left:  God must be liquid.

So there you have it, a proof based on a very reasonable premise, using mostly unassailable logical principles, worthy of any medieval scholar.  Now to work out the theological ramifications of a god that conforms to its container.

2 thoughts on “God is Liquid”

  1. A little googling reveals that the expression means Christ is this guy’s rock solid foundation.

    As opposed to science,which is a little more fluid.

  2. >> unassailable logical principles, worthy of any medieval scholar

    I finished the book reviewed here not too long ago:


    I think it has been rebranded The Genesis of Science in the US.

    These medieval philosophers were the Giants that Isaac Newton was referring to when he stood on their shoulders to see further.

    Note the reviewers belief system, three or four paragraphs in.

    This would be a good discussion for book club.

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