SPIE Advanced Lithography and Patterning Symposium 2023 – day 0

It looks like we are back to normal.  After three years where Covid 19 was on everyone’s minds and tongues (if not yet in the upper respiratory tracts), today more people seem interested in snow on the mountains surrounding San Jose, the massive downtown in the memory business, the nasty weather outside, and who survived the layoffs at company xyz.  Different is the new normal.  It is good to be back!

The conference itself is back to its former vigor.  Compared to 2019, submissions are up (over 450), attendance is about the same (over 2000 seems likely), and the number of exhibitors is about the same (a low 54).  I had 11 people in my all-day short course on Sunday (lower than hoped, but a great group!).  And the reconnecting with friends has already begun. From a technology perspective, what will the week be like?  I have to admit that I am completely clueless.  I haven’t yet dived into the agenda of talks (I miss the printed programs), and only know that I need to be at the plenary program at 8am on Monday.  My one talk is Monday at 2:30pm, and the Fractilia Happy Hour is also Monday, so that day is my current focus (I’ll think about Tuesday on Tuesday).  And so another week at ALP begins…

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